*feeling the mans eyes upon her, she lets her hips swing just a little bit more then necessary, and smiles to herself. Reaching her door she merely twists the knob to open it, apparently not having bothered to lock it on her way out earlier. Stepping in first she turns to look at the man* Please, come in...tis not much I warn ye but I've not been staying here much...

*He smiles and steps through the doorway, moving in such a way as she -has- to step back or be run over by him. With only a smile he shuts the door behind him, careful to lock it* Get undressed Midnyte....it's been far to long. *The man smiles and begins undoing the tie of his cloak.*

*she stops moving once she has scampered out of his way, merely cocking her head to one side and eyeing him curiously* 'Get undressed Midnyte'? Is that how you planned it to be? *something flickers through her eyes, insult perhaps, else pain, but tis gone to seen to be recognised*

*He shrugs non-chalantly* For the moment. Besides...have ye not missed me in my abscence? I am sure ye have many things ye wish to tell me.....but first..... *He eyes her steadily, his gaze reaffirming his previous words*

*pride stiffens her spine and she shakes her head, backing up untill the backs of her knees hit her hard bed, forcing her to stop* Whether I missed ya or not is of no consequence MoTives.....I'll not be treated like a sheep to be herded and merely obey damn it. I'm more then a piece of meat....*oddly enough she does not sound angry, more disappointed*
*His brow arches up* Did I say you were? *He pauses seeing her shivering* Ahhh, you're shaking. Good...you should be. *A dark smile spreads on his face* Now...you must prove yourself to me....do as I say.

*something wars within her as she eyes this man before her evenly. Looking into his eyes she sees something there that makes her tremble, then remembering how badly she might well need his aid, and how it had felt to have his lips upon her throat that night in the bar, she sighs quietly and nods, shaky fingers moving to untie the laces of her blouse*
*He smiles and slowly undoes his cloak, first the tie at it's throat, carefull to watch her the whole while, a satisfied smile on his face* Good my dear Midnyte. Ye please me already.... *Moving slowly he moves to hang his cloak upon a wall peg, dressed in his breeches and shirt.*

*relaxing slightly at his words she pulls at the ties, undoing them in one slow motion. Her shirt parts, letting her breasts spring free. Hard dark nipples pucker at suddenly being exposed to the cool air after having been safely kept for so long. Her eyes never leave his as she lets the crude white fabric slide off her shoulders to pool at her feet on the floor. She chews her bottom lip gently, a sure tell of her nervousness and whispers but 3 words 'no one will know?' something way to close to fear echoing in her voice*

*He smiles* Only if you displease me. *He smiles again, nudging at her shirt with his toe before turning back up to her* Don't stop there my dear, *his eyes move slowly to her breasts* t'would seem ye want to show me more....

*strangely enough the next things she removes is her jewelry, unfastening the necklaces from her throat and pulling the small ring off her finger. Moving slowly across the room to set them upon the dressing table. No matter how graceful her movements, her breasts nontheless bounce and jiggle with each. Finished, she turns to MoTives, moving toward him much like a cat stalking prey, all nervousness seemingly gone as she reaches him. Pressing herself against his body, the fingers of one hand move to tangle in his hair and pull his lips to hers, the other begins to tug at his shirt*

*But he stops her, a single hand going between them before he pushes her, gently, back from him* Ohh no Midnyte. You first...*He seems to stare hungrily at her, his eyes glitering* I've had this in mind since last I saw you, so many months ago.....*He looks from her ripe breasts up to her face, and smiles a dark smile of male pleasure*..and I see I shall not be dissapointed.

*she smiles slightly then, taking his words as more of a compliment then they are likely meant to have been. Tilting her head to one side, her now long hair falls over her shoulder, obscuring one breast beneath it's silken strands as she lets her tongue slowly glide over suddenly dry lips. Sitting down upon the edge of her bed, she tugs her boots off, before standing again. Sliding her fingers over the swell of her breasts and down across her smooth stomach before coming to the laces holding her breeches in place*

*The man smiles* Ahhh, quite the performer are we not my dear Midnyte. *His own tongue comes out to moisten his lips as his hands go to the top of his own shirt, the buttons he stopped her at. Pausing there, at the top button he watches her. The look he's sure, numerous men have given her before, but perhaps a bit diffrent coming from one such as him*

*a hot shiver runs up her spine at the look in his eyes and she pulls at the laces to her breeches, hooking her thumbs into the waistband and pausing for just a moment, to savor the look in his eyes before leaning over to slide the tight leather over her hips and down to her feet.
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