She saw the human before the girl could ever have seen her. Smelt her putrid perfume while the mortal was still a block away. Chavos's nostrils flared at its intrusion, and she snorted. Oh yes that one would make a fine maid...once she cleaned her up a little. Poor little rich girls were always the most satisfying to have begging before you. Stepping into the light, she stood where Leah would not be able to miss seeing her...stood there, and waited.

Leah was already getting a little skittish, because this didn't seem nearly as far to go when she was in her carriage, but walking seemed like it would take forever. So when she saw the woman, not just her presence but her beauty, her poise, her exquisitely sexualized clothing...she stopped completely, and rudely, she knew, looking at her. She blinked, then started to walk past, then stopped and looked at her a moment more, closer to her, feeling her analytical gaze. "Oh. Pardon...pardon me, madam, I was just heading towards Buller Street...normally I'd take a carriage but...well, it seemed a nice night for a walk."

Mentally rolling her eyes, Chavos scanned the street swiftly, seeing that there were in fact a few stragglers still out, she pasted a smile upon her lips and stepped closer to Leah. "'Tis indeed a lovely night isn't it?". Her voice was deep for a woman, but distinctly feminine purr almost as it seemed to resonate from her chest rather then her throat.

Taking another step toward the girl, her smile grew, still quite friendly and casual, though there was a gleam in her eyes, which could only be described as feral. "And what awaits you at Buller Street?"

" house is up that way. My parents house, I mean, madam." She smiled uncertainly. "My mother and father and two brothers, and sometimes my aunt, though she's away in Kent on business. Where were you...travelling tonight? Perhaps to the opera, in such...fine clothes?" She fidgeted with her hands in the handwarmer, wanting to show her confidence and the nobility of her bearing, but the woman's skin, and was terribly confusing to Leah, she felt like she wanted to please this woman, but she wasn't at all certain why she felt that way.

"Ahhhh" The word slipped past her pouty lips more sighed then spoken. "That must be terribly boring.... Pent up in an old house with the same people day after day..." She seemed intent upon ignoring the question of her destination for the time being. Rather then answering, she took yet another step toward the fidgeting girl.

Now it was Leahs turn to smell her. Was a faint odor, carried on the breeze toward her. She smelt of roses..not just any roses, but roses long dead....'twas at once unsettling and arousing. Tilting her head to one side, Chavos studied the creature before her. Yes, taken out of those horrid clothes..this one would do quite fine.

"Is it boring Leah?" How did this woman know her name? Had she told her? Somehow she couldn't quite recall...

She pursed her lips a little, taking a step back but keeping her smile. "Oh, well, sometimes it's boring, surely, but...other times its quite nice...with the same people..." The smell was troubling, it didn't smell like cologne, or a man's scent, but somehow it made her stomach go trembley in a similar way. "When I used to have a governess and needed to do my lessons every day, that I didn't like, but I've turned eightteen now, so I don't have to do any more of that."

She inhaled the smell and blinked, wanting to smell more of it, more of the woman, confusing though this desire was...

Ahhh at last, the street was deserted. The mysterious woman once again crossed the distance between Leah and herself. So swiftly that the girl didn't know the other was moving until she was quite literally right on top of her. Leah could feel Chavos's breasts press against her own, they rubbed against each other with each breath she took, lifting her slight chest up into the other womans ample bosom.

"Want me to show you some excitement Leah?" The woman whispered into her ear, so low, so quiet that she had to concentrate to make out the words. Enveloped in Chavos' scent now, even that concentration was near impossible.

"Oh...oh, madam...I...what are you doing?" She tried to take another step back but she was against one of the buildings, and the smell of the roses in her head...and the sensation of the woman's body up against her own, so soft she was, soft and good and pretty. "Excitement? I...I don't know, I really shouldn't...mother doesn't expect me until later, but..." Why on earth was she telling this woman that? And what was this confusing feeling as their breasts pressed together softly, hers small and held in by a simple corset, this woman's full and generous breasts...Leah felt such strange urges and such incredible, sudden curiosity about the woman, and her breasts - what the nipples looked like, how they would feel in her hands... "Please,'re frightening me, madam..."

"Fear is good cherie licks at the flesh the same as desire."

Slowly running her hands over the outline of Leahs body, never actually touching her, but rather hovering a bare breath from the girls frame and tracing her shape in the air.

"Tell me to go petite ange and I will....just say the words....else I'll show you the answers to all the questions whirling in your mind". Still her hands just hovered in the air above the girls body, right over her hips. "Say nothing and all your questions will be answered...of say 'go' and you'll soon convince yoruself this was all a dream"

Leah looked up into Chavos' eyes, scared, curious, eager. ", don't go..." She was holding her breath as the woman's fingertips traced her outline, around her curves hidden well by the unflattering clothing. Leah felt a sudden curiosity about herself, about things she had years ago decided she would save for talking to her husband about, one day, when she had one. The curves of her own body, mirrored and amplified in the voluptuousness of the woman. The bowl of her own hips, the soft curves of her shoulders and breasts, meant for a baby's sustenance but possibly, possibly something more than that...She looked down, her cheeks burning with shame at her dirty sexual feelings. "I'm sorry, but I don't want you to go, not yet..." She looked up again. "please?"

"Mmmm...Good choice Ange"

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